Monday, May 16, 2011

The Top Ten Beauty Products EVER!...

... at least in my opinion. :-)

It's your wish come true. These are not reviews by biast magazines or billionaires who have cash to burn. They're all by coldly critical little me. 

I've tried everything out there. I've nixed some of the most popular and given the 'thumbs up' to the little known. 

Hey, why not check out an average citizen's point of view? Get past all the hype and find something you will really love!

There'll be something new each day for the nest 10, so keep coming  back! :-)


This is number one. Why? 'Cause it changed the way I looked at all mascaras forever after. I used to think that all mascaras, ranging anywhere from the $3.50 Wal-mart goop to the $128.00 designer kind would be crunchy, crumbly, and barely there -- especially Mary Kay. I mean, it's direct sales -- that can't be GOOD, can it?!

Boy, was I wrong.

A word or two about the lady who sold it to me (not at all your MK stereotype: she was nice, not pushy, funny, and understanding. No wonder I, the Skeptic, bought mascara from her.)

I've been wearing the Ultimate Mascara for about 2 years now. During the first year, every so often, I would think "Hmmm... maybe I'm just settling for this mascara. It can't be that good, can it?" So I would try the best sellers at the drugstore or the forty-some dollar Dior one which showed up in my favorite fashion magazine. Guess what? They all went back. None could compare. I haven't gotten bored of MK in a long time. I imaging it'll stay that way.

Now I'm rambling. 

Bottom line: Your lashes will look longer, fuller, and will not, under any circumstances, be crunchy and crumbly. It lasts for about 3 months with daily application. (You shouldn't keep a mascara for longer than 3 months anyway).

Oh -- did I mention it's only $15.00? Go ahead, smile. (And order it HERE!)

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