Saturday, January 15, 2011

Things Which Make Me Happy. :-)

Who doesn't need to concentrate on the positive things just a tad more?

1. Long thunderstorms (with torrential rain, of course).
2. The Lion Sleeps Tonight (by The Tokens)
3. Driving with the windows down, and music playing
4. Bright colors
5. Suns & moons
6. The scent of spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cypress...)
7. Going to the movie theatre - by myself!
8. Shopping
9. Drawing
10. (Genuine) Hugs
11. Happy inanimate objects!
12. Good listenders
13. Singing
14. Lace, pearls, and sparkles
15. Greenhouses (with mini waterfalls)
16. Playing "stylist" for people ;-)
17. Sharing a story
18. Sunsets and sunrises
19. Spreading hope with certainty
20. Quiet snowfalls -- they're magical.
21. Beauty
22. The expectant silence of an empty chapel
23. Flickering candles
24. Love
25. God

I was inspired to do this post by fellow Blogger, Lisa. You can check out her musings on

I want to hear what makes YOU happy! Leave some cheers below!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Small Successes Vol. 1

1. I finally arranged my earring holder. I don't want to say I have too many earrings, but I had started to use the holder as a dumbbell.

2. I succeeded in convincing my lily-handed mother to allow me to give her a French manicure. Mom looks sophisticated, and I get to happily view my handiwork (no pun intended) every day. :-)

3. I managed to make and keep three appointments: Salon, Dentist, and Ophthalmologist. My jaw ached, my dilated eyes were squinty for hours, but the haircut is the best one I have ever received. (For those living in Northeast PA, check out Amelia at Evolve Salon).

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to Paint With All The Colors of the Wind in 3 simple steps.

I love nail polish. I really do. Friends laugh at my hobby (in a joking way, of course -- at least... I hope it's in a joking way), but I think that every girl (and I guess guys too, if they're anything like Gerard Way) can unanimously agree that nail polish makes the world a little brighter. 
I mean -- what's not to love? This stuff can make or break your outfit, change your look, make you classy to funky in minutes (or vice-versa), AND (here's the best part) you can wear ANY shade, even if it's not one of Your Colors. 

You see, there are millions of reasons why my own collection has become so vast. Plus, I love painting nails because it's just plain fun. There's something so relaxing about chilling with your PJs on, listening to music, and putting one more pop of color into the world. It really just brightens my day. :-) 

So -- Who wants a manicure?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our Hearts Are Restless

Hear the sighs of my world-weary heart, requite my unrequited love.
Saturate my parched and arid throat, and wipe the crimson from my bleeding hope.
Dam the upsurge of ocean-like drops which run from my inmost thoughts.
I have poured myself upon your beach; now absorb me as needing sand.

Soothe my bruised and bleeding soul, mop the filth and grime from the open wounds.
Pacify the dangerous passions and threatening storms in my inflamed mind.
Return to me that corrupted innocence so willingly given and reluctantly granted.
My memories taste sweet in the night, but turn on me, to kill, in dreams.