Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dear Santa...

Well, I hope this keeps you entertained until tomorrow, because I have a GREAT surprise for you then!!! I know it's a little early for a wishlist, but Santa's gotta start before the 24th. ;-)  I hope you enjoy this one just for a bit of fun!

1. The Jennifer Aniston perfume gift set!
Check it out here.

 2. Not necessarily these particular shoes, but a pair of serious, good-quality work out shoes.
Check these out here.

3.OK, I know gift cards are kind of a lame present, but hey -- the design on this AE gift card alone makes it fun! Anyway, I need jeans from there and I looooove their jeans, so it would be exciting anyway. :-)
Check this out here.
 4. Yes, more perfume.  I love scents.  Deal with it. ;-)
Check this out here.
5. This dress... and pretty much any other article of clothing that sparkles!
Check this out here.
6. I have been wanting to read this ever since I saw the ad!
Check this out here.

7. An old favorite which I never grow tired of reading:
Check this out here.

8. Concert tickets.  One or the other or both!!

9. Not just any generic Bible. :-)  But, I want a Catholic women's Bible which delves into the history and understanding of the Scriptures.  I haven't found a particular one yet, but I should check out the Catholic bookstore near my house...

 10. I WANT THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check it out here.

11. I've been looking for this exact color for ages! (It's called "Brooch the Subject") :-P Is it completely lame that I want a bottle of nailpolish for Christmas...? Oh, well!
Check this out here.

12. Speakers for my laptop!!! ...So I can have random dance parties. :-)

13. I <3 Relient K.  It's a depressing cover, but their albums are always amazing.  I hope this one measures up!

 14. ANY OF THESE!!!

OK, this is the lame cheap one. ;-)

Carrying this bag I would feel like Kate Middleton meets the Newsies:

I'm picturing Nancy Drew boarding a last-minute plane to New York City carrying this bag:

 15. ALL of these!!! ;-)


There's more, of course, I just wanted to leave some of it to Old Father Christmas' creativity... ;-)

Monday, November 21, 2011


I apologize.  I didn't meet the deadline to post the picture.  Unfortunately, I had to deal with an emergency at 1:30 AM this weekend which lasted all night and into the day... long story short: I have a VERY GOOD excuse.

However, I've started the pic and will try to post ASAP! Keep coming back, y'all!!

<3 Wyld

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

...wait for it...

I am inspired.

Thanks to Mr. Patrick Madrid's awesome compliment on my "Treehugger" post, I've decided to post another picture.

So, this weekend, all you dear readers could come check out my next drawing, inspired by Isaiah.

Be there or BE SQUARE!