Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy Week Countdown: Monday

Easter is rapidly approaching (yay!), but Holy Week is a time for a last few days of preparation. Because of the excitement due to Easter's approach, it can be especially hard in these last few days to concentrate on the "here and now" of Lent rather than heading out to buy chocolates or putting up decorations.

So, how to keep your mind and heart in the right place without getting discouraged? Music. Yep. You knew I was gonna say that, right?

For every day this week I will put up a song to help uplift your soul and keep your heart focused on Christ and His glorious sacrifice for us. I have one specific request: If you find that, after hearing the tune on YouTube or something, you like it, then please spend the $ 0.99 to download it off iTunes or Amazon. Considering the alarming amount of money which some talentless, disgusting artists make every day, I would appreciate you doing your part in supporting the artists who sing of true Beauty and Love.

"Beautiful To Me" by Kerrie Roberts

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