Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Would You Wear It? Wednesday

I designed this outfit. Would YOU wear it? Why or why not? Give me your comments and take the opinion poll! (CLICK the image for a better view).


  1. YES! It's so cute. I'd wear it with a shrug or something though, because I like have thicker sleeves. Anyway, I really like the shoes and the dress. The tie at the bottom is really cool- I love it - though on me it might look awkward.

  2. I couldn't wear it. *sigh* The funky tie at the hem would draw attention to my monster calves :-(

  3. Adela - Thank you! I could totally see you in it with a cute shrug; it would balance out the rather voluminous tie-hem. I think you'd look amazing in it! You have such a wonderfully willowy figure.