Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dear Santa...

Well, I hope this keeps you entertained until tomorrow, because I have a GREAT surprise for you then!!! I know it's a little early for a wishlist, but Santa's gotta start before the 24th. ;-)  I hope you enjoy this one just for a bit of fun!

1. The Jennifer Aniston perfume gift set!
Check it out here.

 2. Not necessarily these particular shoes, but a pair of serious, good-quality work out shoes.
Check these out here.

3.OK, I know gift cards are kind of a lame present, but hey -- the design on this AE gift card alone makes it fun! Anyway, I need jeans from there and I looooove their jeans, so it would be exciting anyway. :-)
Check this out here.
 4. Yes, more perfume.  I love scents.  Deal with it. ;-)
Check this out here.
5. This dress... and pretty much any other article of clothing that sparkles!
Check this out here.
6. I have been wanting to read this ever since I saw the ad!
Check this out here.

7. An old favorite which I never grow tired of reading:
Check this out here.

8. Concert tickets.  One or the other or both!!

9. Not just any generic Bible. :-)  But, I want a Catholic women's Bible which delves into the history and understanding of the Scriptures.  I haven't found a particular one yet, but I should check out the Catholic bookstore near my house...

 10. I WANT THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check it out here.

11. I've been looking for this exact color for ages! (It's called "Brooch the Subject") :-P Is it completely lame that I want a bottle of nailpolish for Christmas...? Oh, well!
Check this out here.

12. Speakers for my laptop!!! ...So I can have random dance parties. :-)

13. I <3 Relient K.  It's a depressing cover, but their albums are always amazing.  I hope this one measures up!

 14. ANY OF THESE!!!

OK, this is the lame cheap one. ;-)

Carrying this bag I would feel like Kate Middleton meets the Newsies:

I'm picturing Nancy Drew boarding a last-minute plane to New York City carrying this bag:

 15. ALL of these!!! ;-)


There's more, of course, I just wanted to leave some of it to Old Father Christmas' creativity... ;-)

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