Thursday, June 9, 2011

Top Ten Beauty Products: DAY FIVE

Yea, I'm still attempting to do this.

This is the last product that I will yak on about. The rest I will simply list so you will not have to listen to my blab.

Number Five is...

Matrix Biolage Volumathérapie

Say that three times fast.

To make a long, happy story short, I love it for the following reasons:

It is far more affordable than you think, even though it is a salon brand, and very high quality. I got the shampoo and conditioner set for just over twenty dollars, which is barely five dollars more than what I pay for boring drugstore stuff.

And guess what? The Biolage set lasted me over twice as long as my "regular" shampoo. I'm happy, my hair's happy, and my wallet's happy. The world is doing a little dance.
(Heads up: If you are paying less than six dollars per bottle for your shampoo and conditioner, you are not doing your hair a favor. Save your money and invest in something quality, unless you are starving on the streets).

I could actually see and feel the difference it made to my hair. My hair was softer, smoother, and stronger, and had a bit more life to it. (It also smelled good!) It was manageable, which helped make my showers faster. (You know how you have to struggle with tangles when you use the $1.89 conditioner? No more!)

My favorite part, though, was this: It actually helped clear up my skin! I bought the volume by Biolage because of a bad hair job which had flattened it beyond hope. (Never, ever, ever go to "Salon on Main" in PA. But that is a story for another day). However, because of the clarity of the shampoo (it is not thick and creamy like 98% of the shampoos on the market), and the quality of the product, it did not clog my pores so badly. It really helped get rid of irritating forehead acne.

I know I usually post a link to the product at the end of my rants - er - posts. However, I specifically recommend purchasing this set at a local JcPenney Salon. They frequently have sales and good deals without being snooty. 
So, here is a link to find a JcPenney Salon near you! Have fun, and look forward to good hair days forevermore!


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