Sunday, June 19, 2011

...Look What I Found In My Mom's Closet!

Recently I helped my Mom clean out purge from her wardrobe all the unflattering clothes she has acquired over the years. That meant anything which didn't flatter her pear shape body type or her cool/winter toned skin.

I was merciless. When she hugged the toothpaste colored wool lounge pants to her heart, I solemnly pointed to the "trash" pile with ne'er a word; reminiscent of the Ghost of Christmas Future.

Despite the effort (and time!) that it took, Mom now looks her absolute best all the time, even when doing housework. The colors of her clothing now richly enhance her younger-looking-than-she-is skin, and the crisp, clean cuts of her outfits now proclaim "I embrace my individual style and beauty!" instead of "dumpy housewife" or "I'm desperately trying to look 15." *shudder*

The long and short of it? I chose a couple horrific (though they're not the worst -- GULP!) articles from her ex-closet to post for your amusement. (Don't worry -- Mom gave her approval).

Have fun!

There are giant moose on this sweater. Is there anything else to be said??

I don't care if we're talking about a three-piece suit, no one over 14 should ever, EVER wear ANYTHING with an "American Girl" tag.

No, the cat did not throw up on the carpet. That's my Mom's brown green barf-colored skirt.

Yea. It has zig-zagged metallic ribbon all over it. Yes, my Mom is older than 12.

Ugly, yes. But it doesn't look too bad, until..... look at it up-close. No, Mom does not suffer from a chronic fear of irons. The blouse was made this way.


  1. No desserts ever if you don't remove this post, young lady.

  2. This is GREAT. (Nice work, Clare.)

    And you wonder why I love you, Celeste?

  3. Haha Mom you gave your permission!! :-P

    Thanks, Mrs. Bacon! I had fun writing it. ;-)

  4. You actually succeeded in cleaning out your mom's closet? My pitiful attempt to do this in the summer was in vain. She didn't even let me go through it piece by piece. I hope I have better luck in the future.