Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to Paint With All The Colors of the Wind in 3 simple steps.

I love nail polish. I really do. Friends laugh at my hobby (in a joking way, of course -- at least... I hope it's in a joking way), but I think that every girl (and I guess guys too, if they're anything like Gerard Way) can unanimously agree that nail polish makes the world a little brighter. 
I mean -- what's not to love? This stuff can make or break your outfit, change your look, make you classy to funky in minutes (or vice-versa), AND (here's the best part) you can wear ANY shade, even if it's not one of Your Colors. 

You see, there are millions of reasons why my own collection has become so vast. Plus, I love painting nails because it's just plain fun. There's something so relaxing about chilling with your PJs on, listening to music, and putting one more pop of color into the world. It really just brightens my day. :-) 

So -- Who wants a manicure?


  1. No manicure for me, thanks. But I'll take the neat clock/scale.

  2. NO! I will take it with me to school so you won't snatch it away! ;-)