Monday, December 20, 2010

As Requested...

Hey all! OK so one of my readers requested that I put up more of my drawings. I was tickled pink to have someone ask me this, so I complied wholeheartedly. There are a couple below with descriptions and explanations underneath each one. Enjoy! Feel free to tell me what you think!

I'm sure you've all read Regina Doman's "modern fairytale novels." If you haven't, go do it now, because reading those books is one of the biggest favors you will ever do for yourself. Anyway, these are the four main characters (l to r): Bear, Blanche, Bear and Blanche's baby (I had not yet read the 3rd book at that point, so I didn't know they had a boy), Rose, and Fish.

Full size version. I love Rose's smile. It's exactly how I pictured her.

Close up of the married couple and new baby. <3

Rose and Fish. Best love story EVER.

Wow. This one requires a TON of explaining. OK, so the "two" girls in white are actually the same person. It is supposed to be a representation of the two sides of one girl. The deadened one sitting on the swing is the good side. The strong one standing up is the evil side. I have targeted various other parts of the image below.

Note the triumphant smirk. She thinks she's won. Also, see how she has her hand on the sitting girl; it's a sort of "in charge" motion, as if she's the one who calls the shots.

See how she looks despairing, nearly dead. She's almost been swallowed by the evil inside her. She gives you a blank gaze as if she's lost all ready. She's sits weakly; she has no energy left. Her hands are crossed lightly on her lap; the fight has left her.

The last person I showed this to said "Yea, you're right! I can tell who's evil and who's good because the evil girl's feet are so weird looking! They LOOK like evil feet!!!" Weirdest statement ever. (Albeit amusing). But that's not why I show you this part of the picture. See what the one girl is standing on? It's water and fire -- Hell and baptism. They basically represent the two choices we can make: good vs. evil. Love vs. Hate. We can be saved and abandon ourselves to His love, or we can voluntarily step into the fires of eternal torment. The girl on the swing dangles above these two elements. She can give in to sin and fall into the fire, or cling to Hope and be saved through Christ. The ropes of the swing are being eaten away by the demonic fire -- where will she fall?

Note the oddity of the sky. The black moon is in the pale sky -- what was once pure and beautiful has turned ugly and unnatural.

But although the sky has turned almost completely black, the rays of the Son still pierce the darkness -- Hope lives. And one is left with the feeling that, through Him, she will be saved, will conquer the darkness.... My favorite part is their dresses. :-D They are simple, yet exhibit an exquisite beauty -- as does the soul. The white represents the purity which we receive in baptism, and blood represents the sacrifice of the Crucifixion through which we are saved and purified.

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