Thursday, December 16, 2010

LUCY PEVENSIE: The Ultimate Female Lead Role (Model)

      This past Saturday, I went to see The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader in digital 3-D. Many things struck me about this movie. There was the beautiful music, the breathtaking effects, the edge-of-your-seat battles, and, of course, the dashing Edmund Pevensie. ;-) There was, however, one aspect of the film which I did not expect to be so caught up in. This was the character of Lucy Pevensie.
      I enjoyed Lucy in the previous two films: she was cute, kind, and ever faithful when it came to Aslan. But I really was not prepared to experience her as a realistic role model in this third Narnian installment. You see, Lucy is really a one-of-a-kind girl in today's silver screen world. She is essentially an opposite of every popular female character. Now I've yammered on for far too long. Let me actually get to the point and tell you why she's so different.
       Unlike Megan Fox's role in Transformers, who is stunningly, almost frighteningly beautiful, and obnoxiously good at everything. (Including fixing hard-core cars and looking seductive simultaneously without getting oil all over her barely-there clothes). Lucy is not particularly attractive. If anything, I'd call her cute. She has blah colored hair and a pug nose. She is quite jealous of her older sister Susan's classic beauty, a vice which nearly leads to her own downfall. She isn't constantly making eyes at the camera, and doesn't always know what to say. And I, for one, love her for it. I mean, really. Lucy is someone I, and most likely millions of other girls, can relate to. We all have the sister and/or friend who far exceeds us in beauty. We don't always have kick-ass come-backs on the tips of our tongues. We sometimes get in the way when people more talented than us have work to do. But here's the best part: rather than bringing Lucy down to our level, we are brought up to her's. Meaning, Lucy embraces or overcomes her flaws, depending on what they are. With her faith in Aslan, she triumphs over her desire to look like Susan and embraces her true self. She joyfully learns to become who Aslan (or God, if we look at this allegorically), truly meant her to be. Sure, I'm a sap. But I still left that theatre thinking "I don't want to be anyone else. I want to be me, the best way I can."
           "Be who you are, and be that well." ~St. Francis De Sales

     In a world which insists that you can either be a loser 1950's housewife or a kick-butt feminazi, Lucy sure proves otherwise. She is a totally awesome "watch-your-bad-guy-back" fighter. She's got a sweet dagger which any ninja would be jealous of. She goes on scouting expeditions with the men, and never goes down without a fight. She makes heavy decisions and is High Queen of Narnia, for crying out loud!!!!! But she also holds herself with incredible dignity, and never speaks harshly of anyone or to anyone. She dresses practically, yet modestly -- befitting a young woman who's saving the world from evil. She is never too old to exhibit inspiring, childlike faith. She is always the instigator of peace, and embraces her feminine desires for beauty, mercy, and love. She displays strong and touching maternal instincts and sympathies. (Which, I might point out, none of the men even thought of doing!). What the best part of this is, is that Lucy finds the perfect balance between "tough cookie" and "feminine grace." She doesn't have a split personality, and she doesn't behave contrastingly. She behaves as a whole. The numerous attributes which she possesses are all part of her as a true woman. This is Lucy behaving as the woman God meant her to be.

I could go on for a while here. I mean really, I actually had 3 other things I wanted to talk about. However, this has ended up being so long that I think I'll just leave it here! Thanks for reading. :-) Feel free to comment -- positive or (constructively) negative! I hope you enjoy Narnia, also!!!



  1. Couldn't ha said it better meself.

  2. Thank you, Lazy Blogger! That means a lot to me. :-)

  3. Holy cow, that was awesome! What an in-depth character analysis with penetrating insights. I especially loved your comparison/contrast with Megan Fox and your list of Lucy's feminine qualities integrated into her person as a whole. Please post the other 3 things; I could use this at a youth group meeting :).

  4. @ Farmer's City Wife:

    Thanks a million! I am so inspired by your encouragement. :-D As for using the post in a youth group, feel free! I would be overjoyed to know that my "ramblings" are being used to draw people closer to Christ. I will try to post the three other things about Lucy asap! It took me a week to get this one up, so I hope it won't take that long again. ;-)